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Welcome to Chicago Yoga Classes in Irving Park! 11/21/2009

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Photo by Flickr/Richard0, Creative Commons AttributionIf you’re looking for Chicago yoga classes but are a little hesitant to be in the formal setting of a studio, join us at the Center of Light in Irving Park on West Belle Plaine Ave. Our comfortable setting makes it easy to relax, and the instruction is casual, helpful and gentle.

We offer two great yoga classes. Those looking to bond with family can participate in Family Yoga, typically held on Sunday afternoons. On Fridays, look into joining us for Yoga and Relaxation classes, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day and making new friends. Check our schedule for dates and times.

Yoga classes are taught by Gabrielle Fisher, who has 15 years of experience facilitating yoga classes and specialty workshops for individuals, couples, children and family yoga. She was the owner of the Center of Light yoga studio in Boston, Massachusetts. She has since relocated to Chicago and works full-time as an occupational therapist.

For more information, please contact Gabrielle Fisher at 312.623.4418 or via email at